2023 North Stockton Bengals Youth Football and Cheer Club

Derrick Martin (209) 609-5847 President /Dorsey Ford Vice President 209-808-2171 Otis White Franchise Head Coach (football)209-993-3752 Julie Martin Franchise Business Manager (Cheer)209-609-5848

Bengal Update Page

Cheer Fitting Updates:  Due to unforeseen circumstances the 5/15/23 Jn & Nov fitting date has been changed to 5/23/23. Same time, and location. Location can be found in your team GroupMe. 

Reminder that it is mandatory that all Veteran cheerleaders must attend their sceduled fitting date to be fitted for their practice gear whether purchasing new cheer gear or not.

JV and Varsity fitting date will be 5/22/23 same time, and location. Location is posted in team GroupMe.  All fees must be paid in full on this date.